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May travel – The Cable Show, HD Comms West, Metaswitch Forum


It’s going to be a busy travel month in May, with destinations including Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Nashville.

On May 10, I fly out to Los Angeles for The Cable Show. I’ll be in-city from Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening, including on the floor of The Cable Show on Tuesday from about 3-6 [...]

Going to CES – It’s HD Voice Summit time


Most of my time over the past couple of weeks has been spent on HD Voice issues (www.hdvoicenews.com) and preparing for the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES.

This week I will be out in Las Vegas and will likely be spending most of my Twitter-Time on HDvoicenews, but there will be some DougonIPComm [...]

HD voice news from AstriCon via HDConnectNow


You’ll find three (3) pieces about HD voice from AstriCon over at the HD Connect Now website (www.hdconnectnow.org)–

AstriCon 2009: It is all HD voice (handsets) AstriCon 2009 – Dialogic talks HD voice media server From AstriCon: Rumors of AT&T running HD voice in San Antonio

Bottom line: You have to look REALLY hard [...]

Comcast Casabi VoIP play in play


Someone stumbled across Comcast’s quiet rollout of “HomePoint” service in Florida at the end of last week, but the cable company is making up for a soft rollout with a launch of a marketing campaign in Denver today (Monday, October 12).  Comcast plans to roll out the service to other markets in the months [...]

Tweeting today from @HDConnectNow


Live coverage of the HD Comm ’09 event in New York City today will be coming from Twitter on HDConnectNow.

Putting markers down for HD Communications – Enterprise, North America, 2010


During the VoIP Users Conference (VUC) call last Friday, I put down my markers for the advance of HD Voice in North America, using the statements and actions of various service providers to provide context for my predictions.

The benchmarks I used were–

Cablevision’s rollout of hosted HD Voice service  this summer – The [...]

HD Communications – Discount code for HD Comm '09


There’s a 20 percent (yes, 20%) discount code available for the HD Comm ’09 event on September 15 in New York City.  Register online with the “HDConnectNow” code and you’ll get 20 (yes, 20) percent off registration.

HD Communications – HDComm '09 – Sept 15, 2009


The schedule and registration for the second HD Communicatons Summit – currently known as HDComm ’09 — is now up.

HDComm ’09 is being held on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, at New World Stages.  Speakers include Alla Reznick, Director of Product Management at Verizon. I’ve spoken to Alla back in June where she outlined [...]

Over at at hdconnectnow.org….


I’ve got a piece up about cable providers in North America looking at HD…

You can find the piece at– http://hdconnectnow.org/?p=58

HD Communications – HD voice as the most cost-effective upgrade


Videoconferencing and telepresence rigs provide more information for communications options, but HD voice may prove to be the quickest and most cost-effective upgrade for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t get me wrong; TANDBERG and Polycom and all the other visual-solutions have their place in the scheme of things, but they are A) expensive B) [...]