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Tweeting today from @HDConnectNow


Live coverage of the HD Comm ’09 event in New York City today will be coming from Twitter on HDConnectNow.

HD Communications – Discount code for HD Comm '09


There’s a 20 percent (yes, 20%) discount code available for the HD Comm ’09 event on September 15 in New York City.  Register online with the “HDConnectNow” code and you’ll get 20 (yes, 20) percent off registration.

Doing the Aug 14 VoIP Users Conference


I’ve been invited to be on the noon ET VoIP Users Conference call tomorrow, August 14.

Expect a wide-ranging discussion on IP Communications, HD Communications (The next HD Comms event is coming up on September 15. and I’m running the HDConnectnow.org site, after all), and whatever else comes to mind.

Jeff Pulver talks HD Commnications with cable companies


This week, Jeff Pulver is in Denver for the CableLabs Summer Conference and will be speaking on a HD Voice panel for the invitation-only event on Tuesday.

Since CableLabs is the non-profit R&D consortium for cable operators, it will be interesting to see what CableLabs and the bigger operators have to say about HD [...]

HD Communications – Jeff Pulver's woodside chat


Jeff Pulver goes into his back yard to discuss the promise and potential of HD Communications in a 3 minute, 48 second YouTube video.

The video arrives as Pulver and partner Dan Berninger have finalized plans for the September 15, 2009 HD Communications event in New York City.

HD Communications – HDComm '09 – Sept 15, 2009


The schedule and registration for the second HD Communicatons Summit – currently known as HDComm ’09 — is now up.

HDComm ’09 is being held on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, at New World Stages.  Speakers include Alla Reznick, Director of Product Management at Verizon. I’ve spoken to Alla back in June where she outlined [...]

A summary of HD Communications Pieces


Over the past week, I’ve been pulling together information to pump up the HDConnectNow website, www.hdconnectnow.org.    Here’s a summary of the different thought pieces and the coverage of the first HD Communications Summit back in May (May! How time flies…)

Thought pieces on HD Communications

HD Communications: The Third Wave

HD Communications [...]

Over at at hdconnectnow.org….


I’ve got a piece up about cable providers in North America looking at HD…

You can find the piece at– http://hdconnectnow.org/?p=58

Alpha of HD Connect website up…


An alpha version (i.e. it’s a work in progress, there’s a lot of open space to fill in) of the HD Connect website is now up at www.hdconnectnow.org.

So far I’ve managed to corral and put up a good chunk of the presentations from May’s HD Communications Summit on line there. I’m not sure [...]

A busy morning following Jeff Pulver


The day started at 8 AM at the Old Ebbett Grill, the first of Jeff Pulver’s stops for his whirlwind tour of Washington D.C. as he promotes HD voice.

About 24 to 26 people showed up for breakfast, a combination of people who wanted to learn more about HD voice and those who wanted [...]