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Yes, I’m still here–see me at Metaswitch Forum and IT EXPO West

I’ve been a wee bit disconnected with the whole blog thing for DougonIPComm for a variety of reasons.

However, I’m still contributing to TMC, still doing the HD voice thing (www.hdvoicenews.com), and I’ll be at Metaswitch Forum and IT EXPO West in October.

Metaswitch Forum is in Orlando, Florida this year. I hope (hint-hint, Meta-people) that most of the “good” press stuff is done on Monday evening and/or Tuesday, because a number of us “Fifth Estate” peeps will be departing on Tuesday/Wednesday for Austin for IT EXPO West in Austin, Texas.

(I love Austin, but getting a straight-line plane flight in and out of there is, shall we say, challenging from many locations).


Metaswitch Forum takes place from October 1-5 at the Rosen .  I’ll be there on Monday, October 1 through Tuesday afternoon-ish on Tuesday, October 2.  And probably being mobbed by Meta-people and partners between arrival and departure. 

I’m very much looking forward to catching up with CEO John Lazar since he’s returned to the head of the table at Metaswitch.

IT EXPO West is at the Austin Convention Center. I’ll be around from Wednesday, October 3 through Friday morning, October 5. I’ll be moderating two to three panels, one on cloud, one on VoIP and a third TBD.

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