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The HD Voice News 2012 report is (finally) out. *Whew*

Did I ever mention that I’m Editor-in-Chief of HD Voice News? (OK, not really a joke to anyone who regularly reads this blog).

“HD Voice 2012: Proliferation” is now available at TMCnet.com.  It was a much larger task to put together and edit than I anticipated, due to the rapid ramp in HD voice adoption going on around the world.   You can find a description of the report here.

The net-net upshot is:  HD voice has already in Europe, coming to America (“I feel good!”), and has a significant and growing presence in Asia and Africa.

With Sprint planning to introduce 3G CDMA HD voice in the US by late 2012 (and if you don’t understand what I just said, you should at least take a quick look at www.hdvoicenews.com), the pace and availability of deployments is picking up. Get excited. Buy a copy of my report. Buy two copies, give one to a friend…

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