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Enterprise Connect 2012: Avaya announces (big shocker) cloud services

Orlando, Florida – Avaya has announced “Collaborative Cloud,” a “strategic framework” for cloud-based collaboration solutions using Avaya’s various products plus the “AvayaLive” suite of of public cloud-based collaboration applications. If you’re really shocked about this, you missed the 10 foot sign Avaya put up at IT EXPO East 2012 earlier this year.

As usual with Avaya, there’s the heavy marketing-speak to parse through. The Avaya Collaborative Cloud framework enables customers, channel partners, service providers and developers to use, build, deliver and enhance cloud collaboration solutions based on Avaya applications, platforms and infrastructure. The framework allows a wide range of flexible, cloud-based deployment and utilization options to accommodate diverse market segments and needs, says the press release.

Public cloud-based solutions — “part of the Collaborative Cloud” — in the AvayaLive suite include:

AvayaLive Connect, a new, fully-integrated, unified communications solution for small businesses that includes voice, voice conferencing, messaging, video, mobility, presence and more. The solution supports PC, Apple Mac, iOS and Android devices; multiple offices and remote and mobile employees. The entire solution can be easily ordered, downloaded and accessed through the Web. AvayaLive Connect is currently in trials and is planned for general availability in the U.S. market by mid-2012.

AvayaLive Engage – formerly known as web.alive, the Web-based, immersive collaboration environment adds new features and capabilities. The solution enables participants to use personalized avatars in a 3D environment to engage in collaboration activities such as meetings and creative sessions, sales and customer service, HR training and recruiting. New features of AvayaLive Engage include Support for Apple Mac OSX operating systems and
Safari browsers, enhanced collaboration tools and all kinds of video streaming, sharing collaboration, and conferencing.

Expect more AvayaLive cloud-y services to be rolled out over the months to come.

Wrapping up the announcement, Avaya Communications Outsourcing Solutions can also be provided to enterprises as a private, managed cloud service.

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