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Enterprise Connect 2012: ADTRAN adds SBC to NetVanta and Total Access Business Gateways

Orlando, Florida – ADTRAN has rolled out Session Border Control (SBC) software to its NetVanta 3430 and 6000 series, plus its Total Access 900e IP Business Gateways.

Targeted at the small to medium enterprise (SME) markets, the new SBC offering rolls into service providers’ need for a new CPE demarc device to handle normalization, security and monitoring for SIP trunking services.

The announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise; It’s part of ADTRAN’s philosophy these days to add more functionality to its devices via software. The company hinted it might add SBC functionality and other features to its boxes at its annual media/analyst event in December.

Features included in the SBC software are:NAT/firewall traversal, VoIP protocol interworking, transcoding, media anchoring and “numerous” service provider troubleshooting tools.

By moving the functionality to the edge of the enterprise network, service providers can more easily integrate directly with a wide variety of IP PBX vendors’ SIP trunking implementations. It also provides a clear point of demarcation that enables providers to gather valuable metrics and perform tests, as well as implement network disaster recovery, security and failover polices without having to modify a customer owned IP PBX. (Yes, that’s straight out of the press release…)

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