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Enterprise Connect 2012: Acme Packet SBCs Microsoft Lync

Orlando, Florida – SBC leader Acme Packet has announced UC vendor-neutral session management solutions with support for Microsoft Lync. The new solutions combine Microsoft Lync with legacy multivendor enterprise communications networks without compromising Microsoft Lync’s powerful enterprise voice features.

Key features of the announced solution sets include:

• Protocol normalization and interworking between H.323 and SIP protocols
• Centralized dial plan management tools using Microsoft Lync’s E.164 addressing capabilities while unifying disparate legacy enterprise dial plans.
• Highly scalable protocol and media encryption capabilities
• A session routing engine with an Active Directory interface applies centrally defined rules and user policies to help control costs, simplify administration and ensure quality of service
• Support for Microsoft Lync media bypass that optimizes bandwidth utilization
• Media interworking that resolves common incompatibilities, including DTMF and fax
• Call accounting log that captures and centrally stores complete call detail records
• High availability features that protect the communications infrastructure against failures

The session management solutions are based on the Acme Packet Net-Net product family. They are available immediately and fully qualified by Microsoft under the Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program (UCOIP) to ensure interoperability with Microsoft Lync. More info can be found at www.acmepacket.com/enterpriselync.

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