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Digium does hardware–services next?

Digium, the self-proclaimed “Asterisk Company,” is turning into the jack-of-all-trades company.  For Enterprise Connect in Orlando this week, the company has rolled out “the first” of a family of VoIP gateways.  Last month (well, more like two months ago), the company introduced its first IP phones at IT EXPO.  I’m betting a cloud services offering at some point.

The new hardware are the G100 and G200 gateways, to support TDM-to-SIP and SIP-to-TDM applications (i.e. phone calls).  With software based on the Asterisk “communications engine” and managed through a Digium point-and-click GUI, the gateways feature a power-saving design and “purpose-built” media processing capability via the DSP <hmm, must take screwdriver to Digium booth tomorrow>.

As you might expect, the G100 includes a single software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interface and supports up to 30 concurrent calls, while the G200 has two (2) T1/E1/PRI interfaces and supports up to 60 concurrent calls. Both models have integrated echo cancellation, a small footprint of 1U, half-width, half-depth, and no moving parts.  List for the G100 is $1,195 while the G200 is $1,995.  Hardware available today through a Digium distributor or integrator.

Digium’s move into more hardware begs the question as to how many other shiny products the company will roll into a VoIP hardware market already chock full of OEMs and name brands. 

It’s not like there isn’t a market for VoIP hardware, mind you, given that the world is not even starting to crank into high gear to kick the TDM habit.

But hardware manufactures are starting to zag into services; Ericsson, Polycom, and ShoreTel all have rolled out cloud/hosted services, so it’s not a far-fetched idea to see Digium introduce a branded-version of Asterisk on a cloud.

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