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Upcoming events—ADTRAN/Huntsville, CES 2012, IT EXPO East 2012

Between now and the beginning of February, I’ll be at three different industry events.


ADTRAN media briefings – Huntsville, AL

ADTRAN’s annual briefing event, held in Huntsville. Always interesting because of what you learn about ADTRAN and its neighborhood community.


CES 2012 – Las Vegas

Held this year towards the beginning of the week, this is a multi-day ordeal. And not really in a good way.

Sunday, January 9 – Storage Visions 2012 and “CES Unveiled.” Never been to the former event, but it’s a hot topic this year with the flooding in Thailand causing ripples in the hard drive food chain.

Monday, January 10 – CES Press Day.  Starts with the (always overcrowded) LG press launch at 8 AM, with a number of companies throughout the day, ending with the Digital Experience event at the MGM on Monday evening.

Tuesday, January 11 – First day of CES show floor.  I start the day by hitting as many companies parked in Hilton suites as I can, then go to the show floor.  Around noon, I go to “Lunch at Piaro’s” to check out the tabletop exhibits there, rest my feet, then go back out to the floor.  The evening closes with ShowStoppers at the Wynn.

Wednesday, January 12 – More meetings day, trying to catch up with as many companies I can before I have to head to the airport for my redeye back home.


IT EXPO East 2012 – Miami, February 1-3, Miami Beach Convention Center

Don’t know if TMC will be holding a media on January 31; stay tuned.

However, there will be an HD voice session, on Thursday, Feb 2, at 2 PM (2/2/12 @ 2 ) that I will be moderating.  You can find more info at the TMC conference program listing here.

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