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ADTRAN beefs up Ethernet, FTTH hardware

In a pair of announcements last week, ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) added to its Carrier Ethernet portfolio and doubled the capacity of its Total Access 5000 for Active Ethernet and GPON applications.

On the Ethernet side, new solutions include:

  • NetVanta 868 Carrier Ethernet Access Gateway for large enterprises.
    • Extending 100 – 400Mbps Ethernet services to a variety of vertical markets whose locations continue to wait for fiber installation.


  • NetVanta 850 Carrier Ethernet Access Gateway for infrastructure backhaul.
    • Extending 50 – 100Mbps Ethernet backhaul services to service both cell site and DSLAM backhaul in response to 4G and residential broadband initiatives.


  • Total Access® 1424S-CE Carrier Ethernet Access Gateway for remote offices.
    • Extending both 10 and 100Mbps Ethernet services to far-flung branch offices.


The Total Access 5000 is now capable of supporting 5,376 GPON subscribers and 504 Active Ethernet subscribers per chassis.  ADTRAN has also added a new family of universe ONTs which provide auto-sensing support for both Active Ethernet and GPON.

I will likely hear more about both these products at Metaswitch Forum in Vegas next week.

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