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Digium talks up Switchvox on campus

Digium (www.digium.com) has been talking up its Switchbox product in the education markets, both K-12 and higher education.  The laundry list of customer wins is interesting, but it took a couple of queries to get an answer as to how many extensions you could support on a campus (Answer: A lot).

Customer wins include The Earth Institute, Columbia University (New York, N.Y.), Summit Public Schools (Redwood City, Calif.), University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, P.R.), and Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Topeka, Kan.)

Since I used to work at a couple of Universities back in the day, I asked just how many extensions could be supported.  

A single Switchvox system can support up to 400 users today.  But you can gang multiple Switchvox systems together to support thousands of users in a large campus environment – something which is very cool and interesting.  

Digium says some campuses are deploying fewer phones in each dorm building; makes sense since students now come with cell phones.  Often, an individual department will upgrade the existing phone system to VoIP for UC features and use Switchvox to talk to the rest of the campus phone system.

There’s an interesting case study at: http://www.digium.com/en/company/casestudies/viewcasestudies/ucsd  for the Union County School District of Georgia.  There’s a multi-site Switchvox solution supporting over 230 IP phones, with a Switchvox server (“appliance”) at each of the five schools and the district office.

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