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Metaswitch goes Asia in a big way

At the company’s annual user meeting, Metaswitch said it was going to expand around the globe.  Over June, the company made a series of announcements to underline its expanded role in the Asia Pacific region.

The company opened up a regional office in Singapore at the beginning of June, complementing its existing operations in Australia, Guam and Hong Kong, along with “partner activities” in several other countries in the regions.  Metaswitch says it has customers in eight countries in the area, so the regional office will service as a training center for partners and customers.

At CommunicAsia2011, Metaswitch announced Chunghwa Telecom would deploy the Metaswitch Service Broker to deliver services across both its legacy and IMS networks on a single platform.  Subscribers will get services on any network at the same time without compromising IMS capabilities.

In addition, Metaswitch announced customer wins in Australia and the Philippines.   CallStream Communications, a new Australian telecommunications company formed by Telco Consolidators Group, will launch Metaswitch Hosted Business Services to small and medium-sized businesses across the country. 

In partnership with Pastels Inc, Metaswitch now has four customers in the Philippines.  New additions announced are General Telephone and Irga Telephone, family-owned incumbent operators that are modernizing their networks and will offer next-generation services to their subscribers.

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