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M5 Networks launches VoIP recording service

Speaking of VoIP recording, hosted business VoIP provider M5 Networks (www.m5.net) has announced M5 Replay, adding the ability for customers to record and retrieve recorded calls through a web interface.

The service is “made possible” through cloud computing technology – whatever that means these days – and is managed by M5, who stores and handles all the data involved.  Recording can be customized for any number of a business clients’ employees.  Basic features include searching through recorded calls by caller name, phone number, time of call, date, or call duration, among other attributes.

Customers can choose three modes for recording.  Full-time recording continually records each employee’s phone calls and enables recordings to be paused from their desk phone.  Employee-initiated recording is controlled directly from each employee’s desk.  Look back recording offers employees the ability to record a call in progress from when it was initiated.   

Needless to say, recording calls can have certain legal implications, so the customer needs to make sure they are following all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

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