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8×8 offers single-seat Virtual Office option

SMB business service provider 8×8 (www.8×8.com) – cuz if you’re offering more than phone, you’re more than an ITSP – has launched Virtual Office Solo service for $7.99 per month. 

The solution includes unlimited local and long distance calling, web conferencing with video, Internet fax *sigh*, call recording and “more.”  It’s a hosted (i.e., cloud) service, and includes free Virtual Office apps for iPhone and Android for call management/call handling and caller ID display; access to Virtual Meeting video web conferencing for up to 15 peeps; a UC-style inbox with inbound call log, voicemail, and faxes received, plus history tab that tracks meeting appointments and even chat records.

Installation takes “less than two minutes,” says 8×8.

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