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Vonage adds unlimited calling on mobile phones in more than 40 countries

Vonage (www.vonage.com) has rolled out a World Premium Unlimited calling plan, adding unlimited calling to 20 more countries (total of 80), including unlimited calling to mobile phones in 42 countries.

Customers with the new plan can make unlimited landline or mobile number calls in 42 countries to places like Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, France, Spain and the UK for one flat price. 

“Customers who use World Premium Unlimited to call as little as one hour a week to mobile phones in countries like Mexico and the UK will save over $400 a year versus the best pay per minute rates from major phone companies,” claims the Vonage press release.

Cost for the World Premiere Unlimited plan is $54.99 per month plus taxes and fees; you have to have a high speed Internet connection and a phone to take advantage.

As of the mid-April release date, Vonage says has 2.4 million subscribers.  That’s 2.4 million PAYING subscribers on plans ranging from $15 to $26 a month on upward.

Sooo, why hasn’t Skype killed these guys outright yet? Hmm… things to ponder as I roll out to Vegas next week.

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