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LG-Ericsson enters North American business IP PBX market

LG-Ericsson has launched the iPECS-LIK business communications products family.  The company says iPECS-LIK delivers all of the functionality of a traditional PBX (and seriously, who is buying a “traditional” PBX these days?) with the addition of UC features.

Offering solutions from 10 users up to 1000 users – this would cover SMB up to the “entry level” for the enterprise, depending on who’s definition you use – iPECS-LIK is a pure IP platform and includes applications such as PDA and PC softphones, a PC attendant for incoming call management, UC, unified messaging with an open interface based on TAPI and an Advanced Interface Messaging (AIM, hmm) interface for computer telephony integration with third-party apps.

There’s also specialized interfaces for the hospitality market and Skype Connect for SIP.

The iPECS-LIK Call Server provides a bunch of telephony features, including the usual hold/transfer and video calling, plus least-cost routing, incoming call distribution, and SIP trunking.  “Standard SIP terminals” and legacy digital phones are supported.

An LG-Ericsson Unified Communications System, provides unified messaging capability that combines voice, instant messaging, video and FAX and email messaging under a single easy-to-use intuitive user interface.  You’ve got the usual advanced features like multi-phone ring, ACD supervisor, ACD statistics reporting, caller-controlled routing, and caller ID routing.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of stuff that I’m not listing here.  Support for HD voice via G.722 is available.

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