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Metaswitch buys Colibria

And the buying continues. Metaswitch Networks has bought Colibria.   Metaswitch gets what it describes as the “leading independent provider” of enhanced instant messaging, presence, and network address book solutions.

Colibra’s products are deployed by operators worldwide – no hint as to how many customers it has in the press release – to deliver advanced messaging and content sharing capabilities.  Its products are IMS and RCS/RCS-e compliant.

This week’s announcement is being positioned as a further emphasis of the whole “Metaswitch is ready to help you with over-the-top competitors” message to carriers and is also linked to Metaswitch’s launch of Thrutu(SM) service.   Thrutu is available as a branded platform for operators, allowing mobile users to exchange/share content during a call. 

As usual, no announcement of terms between Norway-based Colibra and Metaswitch; both are privately-held companies.

Net-net, Metaswitch is continuing to build up a portfolio of mobile and client-based apps between acquisitions and third-party cooperation with folks like CounterPath.

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