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Cox gets 350 mile fiber network in Rhode Island

Cox has won a contract to build and operate a 350 mile fiber network throughout the state of Rhode Island.

Cox Business will build out a 48 strand fiber network that passes through 38 of the 39 towns and cities in Rhode Island for OSHEAN.  The Beacon 2.0 fiber backbone will connect hospitals, colleges, universities, communities, government agencies, schools, and libraries.

Funding for the build includes $10 million in private founds and $21.7 million in a federal stimulus broadband grant.

Installation is expected to start in may 2011 with the project completion scheduled for spring 2013.  Cox and the non-profit OSEAN consortium have signed an initial 20 year contract for Cox to install, maintain, and upgrade the cable, with an option to extend the contract for another 20 years.

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