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snom packages snom ONE IP PBX software into hardware

It was inevitable. Snom (www.snom.com) has put the company’s snom ONE IP PBX software into a rack-mountable package. 

The snom ONE plus is scalable from 20 to 150 extensions and comes pre-installed and configured as a plug-and-play hardware appliance for deployment with nearly all of the company’s IP phones.  

Two versions are available, corresponding to the two software versions of snom; Yellow is good for up to 20 extensions while Blue goes up to 150 extensions.  Starting price on yellow, depending on config, is $2131 suggested MSRP while blue can go up to $3921, with choices of ISDN, FXO, FXS, and T1 and E1.

Snom resellers will likely eat the ONE plus up because they don’t have to install software or futz with configuring hardware.

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