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Sipera rolls out E-SBC

Siper Systems (www.sipera.com) has introduced an E-SBC (Enterprise Session Border Controller) appliance, designed for SIP trunk termination and including a VoIP integration module for rapid installation and implementation.

Sipera says the E-SBC can deployed in as little as two hours for typical implementations and can scale from 10 to 10,000 concurrent sessions.  Features include the SIP Trunk Integration Module (STIM), an interoperability framework to simplify the interface with enterprise UC servers and IP PBXes and a “simple” upgrade path to implement the full Sipera UC-Sec security appliance to get VoIP and UC firewalling, plus protection against VoIP toll fraud and UC intrusion.

The product is available today and the company says it’sas little as10 percent of the cost of “market-leading carrier-focused SBCs” (i.e. Acme Packet’s product).

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