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Everybody intros cloud-communications service for Enterprise Connect

NOT from Orlando, Florida – Global Crossing, Verizon Business, and XO Communications all introduced cloud-based communications services today.

You can find more information on XO’s rollout of its HD voice and video service on HD Voice News.  Key points out of its release are 1) They’re supporting HD voice and video on an enterprise-basis 2) Pay for service on a per-seat basis, with a choice of Cisco and Polycom phones.  Key point NOT in XO’s release – They’re working with Neutral Tandem to exchange HD voice calls with other carriers.

Global Crossing (www.globalcrossing.com) had a rather generic announcement for its CaaS (Communication as a Service) introduction.   You know, “combines company’s products, blah-blah, ‘pay-as-you-grow’ blah-blah, integral to our global cloud solution strategy, blah-blah, pay by the seat, blah-blah.”  The distinct separator here is a mobile app that allows a user to join or host an audio conference from “popular mobile devices” (See, generic?) by clicking an icon and syncs meetings with users’ calendars.

Perhaps more interesting out of the Global Crossing announcement is it’s declaration that it’s developing additional cloud solutions to include virtual compute, storage and infrastructure capabilities, and a security offering, with future additions including a hosted app development environment and hosted software apps to “support strategic opportunities.”

I’m scratching my head wondering why GC just doesn’t announce it has bought a couple of hosting/cloud-y providers and be done with it.  A strategic deal with Amazon would be cool too, but I’m shooting from the hip at the moment.

A write up of Verizon’s announcement on its UC Cloud/per-seat offering should be up later today…

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