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Cox adds Cisco gear to managed SMB telecom solution

Cox Business (www.cox.com), looking to add more green to last year’s billion dollar plus number, has announced it is the first MSO to get Cisco Managed Services certification and will be adding managed equipment to its voice services options.

The Cox Managed IP PBX+ service has launched in Oklahoma and Las Vegas.  Small business customers get a full system that is managed end-to-end, including service and gear.  Businesses can share features between up to five networked locations, including four-digit dialing, without long distance charge; there’s also a PC-integrated tool bar and a soft phone for remote employees.

Targeted at small and medium businesses with less than 100 employees, Cox Business plans to extend the Managed IP PBX+ service to additional markets it serves in 2011. No word if the offering supports HD voice out of the box.

Cox also underlines that it “expects” to launch SIP trunking in 2011, so that’s Yet Another Service the company plans to offer businesses.

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