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Tracking me and the news at CES 2011 next week

Consumer Electronics Show 2011 “How to find/follow Doug”

I am rolling into Vegas on Tuesday morning and the first session for the media is the “State of Consumer Technology” industry brief at 2 PM, followed by…

Well, I don’t need to detail the full agenda since I’ll end up screaming after the first page, but suffice to say I’m going from dawn to beyond dusk into darkness for at least two of the four (4) day’s I’ll be out there.

Net-net: My working hours at CES will be from 8 AM to at least 8 PM or later.  And if you are trying to find me after 10 PM local time, it’s likely to be embarrassing for both of us. I will be tired, sleep-deprived, and have sore feet.

You can find me/follow me on Twitter – DougonIPComm (if it’s HD voice or IP Comm-type news) and DougonTech (if I can remember what my password is).

Since I have one of those newfangled smart phones, you can also email me directly at moo@vegascommando.com.

Don’t know how well tracking me via Foursquare will work, but since it will cross-post to Twitter. follow the Twitter account.

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