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So you want to meet me at CES 2011…hah. Hah. Hahahah.

Yes, this post is for you, Mr. “I would like to meet with Doug, but haven’t gotten around to it yet” PR person.

I’m getting into Las Vegas for CES on the morning of January 4 and leaving/running away screaming on the evening of Friday, January 7. There’s at least two days where I’ll (almost literally) going from dawn until dusk and beyond into the evening.

Suggestions to review before you contacting me via email(moo@vegascommando.com) for a CES meeting –

1) I’ll be at all the major CES media table top events, including–

CES Unveiled – Tuesday, January 4, 4-7 PM at the Venetian

Digital Experience – Wednesday, January 5, 7-10 PM at Caesars Palace

Lunch at Piero’s – Thursday, January 6, 11:30-12:30 PM at the Italian place across the street from LVCC

ShowStoppers – Thursday, January 6, 7-10 PM, The Wynn

If you have a presence at one of these event – and I’ll personally vouch for Show Stoppers and Lunch at Piero’s: BOTH organizers have been class acts over the years, even if Pat wants to me to march through the Piero exhibits before I hit the buffet line – I can arrange a quick meeting.

2) Limited opportunities to meet between 11 AM and 1 PM on Wednesday, January 5, around the Venetian/Sands Convention Center.

Wednesday is press day and I expect there will be a LOT of mobile HD voice/HD voice announcements during the day. 

3) Thursday, January 6.  Forget it.  Schedule is booked from approximately 7 AM through 10 PM.

Try to catch me at Piero’s or ShowStoppers if you have a tabletop at either of those events.  Early in the day is always better.

4) Friday, January 7 – Some opportunities exist.  Please contact ASAP

Friday will most likely be my catch-up day and I’m willing to extend out to 7-8 PM and potentially later, just so long as I make it to the airport on time.

6) If your client is not close to the LVCC in a suite (say, the Hilton, eh?), forgetaboutit….

Seriously. I can’t spend an hour commute between the show floor on Jan 6 and 7 during normal business hours. Can’t. Unless Stevie Nicks is personally signing autographs when I get there and she will give me a bootleg copy of the new album she’s working on.

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