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ADTRAN dives deeper into the security world

Huntsville, Alabama-based ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) has announced a full line of Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions.

The NetVanta 2000 series of devices use ADTRAN’s baseline hardware with Sonic Wall’s software on top, getting the company quickly into the security market without having to develop software in-house.  ADTRAN is owning the product, so if you buy it and have a question, you call ADTRAN.

Each of the four appliances includes SSL and IPSec VPN clients, anti-virus and anti-spyware clients and all of them are/can be managed under a centralized global management system (run by Sonic Wall). 

The NetVanta 2630 is the baseline box, with support for 3G and analog modem (seriously, do people know what an analog modem is these days?) to serve as a primary or failover WAN option in disaster recovery scenarios.  The 2630W adds secure 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN capabilities.  The 2730 is designed for branch offices and distributed mid-enterprise networks while the 2830 is designed for central sites and larger organizations that need higher performance.

NetVanta 2000 Series hardware platforms list prices are:

  • NetVanta 2630 (including one year of Continuous Threat Protection): $1,055
  • NetVanta 2630W (including one year of Continuous Threat Protection): $1,255
  • NetVanta 2730 (including one year of Continuous Threat Protection): $1,885
  • NetVanta 2830 (including one year of Continuous Threat Protection): $3,965

First 12 months of Continuous Threat Protection are included with the price of the hardware, while two and three year options (i.e. service contracts for updates/monitoring) are available.  IPSec, VPN and SSL clients are priced at $55 list per user available in multi-user bundles.  Anti-virus and anti-spyware clients are available starting at $195 list for five users and one-year subscriptions.

SonicWALL GMS software begins at $2,995 list, with additional node pricing based on the number of units managed.

From a business growth perspective, you see how all the pieces play together. ADTRAN expands its portfolio into security – what SME and enterprise customers want these days, now more than ever between WikiLeaks attacks and threats of cyberwar all over the place.  The offerings bundle existing hardware with third-party software, so ADTRAN gets a quick time to market and the oh-so-sweet recurring revenue stream as businesses (hopefully) sign up for multi-year contracts.  And it all builds upon ADTRAN’s dive into software+services which the company started last year with its UC product offering.

At this rate, I’m tempted to predict that next year’s product will be a 1U line of business/enterprise network storage products with optional off-site storage backup provided by either a third party and/or the service provider.  SATA drives are dirt cheap and multi-terabyte, so you can hot swap ‘em while everyone could use an easy-to-use NAS storage solutions with “in the cloud” backup.

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