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Verizon Business improves VoIP SLA, adds Switzerland to VoIP portfolio

Verizon Business (www.verizonbusiness.com) has upgraded its VoIP SLA for businesses and introduced Switzerland to its VoIP portfolio of services.

The new SLA guarantees a MOS score of 4.0 – up from 3.8 – and introduces a new four-hour mean-time-to-repair metric if you’re willing to pay for it. Currently, the SLA is available for all new and existing U.S. Verizon VoIP customers using the company’s Private IP and Internet Dedicated Access services; Europe will get a VoIP SLA in the first half of 2011.

Switzerland gets the full Verizon Business VoIP portfolio throughout the country (but no SLA yet, see above), including hosted IP centrex, IP trunking and IP integrated access.  Verizon now offers service in a total of 11 European countries.

One day in the future, all Verizon Business VoIP services will be treated the same around the world, but Verizon has to move all regions of the world to the same platform; right now, the U.S. is on one while Asia is on another.

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