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D2 adds full IP video calling to Android mCUE software stack

Last week in Japan, D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) announced that its mCUE converged communications software for the Android got a whole bunch of features, including the addition of IP video to its already robust HD voice and VoIP support.

Now available for new Android devices such as “tablets, HD media players, IP media phones, connected TVs and STBs,” mCUE includes a customizable user interface, an embedded, hardware-platform optimized voice/video media engine, HD voice support, an “industry leading” acoustic echo canceller (AEC), multi-protocol support including IMS, a complete Skype Integration, and a remote management interface.

Reading between the lines here, D2 is about ready to open up a lot of different Android-based devices for both HD voice and vide (see laundry list above).  While D2’s hand has been strong in wireless implementations – 4G, WiFi, WiMax, LTE — the whole TV and STB thing is going to be interesting to watch, especially with Skype thrown in for good measure.

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