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ADTRAN Connect Event–I’m on Twitter

Huntsville, AL – Currently on the ADTRAN campus (three buildings, omelet bar this year for breakfast) for the 2010 “Connect” ADTRAN Press & Analyst Event.

I’ll be tweeting bits at @DougonIPComm.  First discussion this morning is “ADTRAN’s path forward” and then an executive panel discussion “Addressing the Changing Telecom Landscape” with CEO Tom Stanton, SR VP/GM Carrier Networks Division Jay Wilson and SR VP/GM Enterprise Networks Division Rich Schansman.

After lunch, there’s a breakout between the CN (Carrier Network) and EN (Enterprise Network). looks like I’m going to follow the CN track and see where it goes – sessions on “The Future of Broadband,” a customer testimonial by Frontier, broadband stimulus panel, and “The Transition to Next-Generation Optical Technologies.”

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