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Next week in Huntsville

ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) is holding its 3rd annual media briefing event in Huntsville, Al next week from November 30 through December 2.   Expect to see quite a bit about on here and via Twitter @DougonIPComm as to the latest and greatest news the company will talk about, plus a “trickle out” of other news/press releases later in the month if the format stays the same as previous years.

It should be interesting to get an update on the whole UC software thing announced last year, plus efforts on the Ethernet/DSL mutant technology that scales from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, if I recall the blurbs correctly.

Visiting with ADTRAN is always an interesting experience because everyone is so “engineer” except the PR people and the CEO; I think the CEO gets to drink a magic potion or gets a secret key to say whatever he feels like without being reserved.

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