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Freescale and D2 team up on multi-service business gateways

Freescale (www.freescale.com) has teamed up with D2 Technologies to integrate Freescale’s QorlQ P1020 processor and VortiQa Security Application Software with D2’s embedded vPort VoIP software, plus throwing on virtualization support from Green Hills Software “for the potential incorporation of additional services.”

Putting all this bits together means OEMs/ODMs can pull the whole package off the shelf to build multi-service business gateway (MSBG, if you prefer) gear with data, security (see VortiQa), voice (see D2) and fax. 

The package can also be used with the P1020 and other QorlQ products – seriously, did they get an advisor from “Star Trek” to name these things? – to service as a reference design for other apps such as UTM appliances, secured routers, IPS/IDS appliances, VPN routers and secured switches.

D2’s vPort software adds high-quality voice/VoIP support.  Don’t see any references to HD, but there’s support for 3-party conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting/caller ID, call return and speed dial.

The QorlQ P1020 solution is available for evaluation and initial development NOW and planned quantities in Q1 2010.

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