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Metaswitch Forum 2011–Going to Vegas in high style

Dates and a location for Metaswitch Forum 2011 have been announced.   The event will be October 3-6, 2011, at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

Yes, the Bellagio, I’m looking at the email now.  Originally, the week of September 9 had been floated along with the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas as the location, but with the caveat that the “contract hadn’t been signed” yet.

Have no idea why the venue and dates were shifted, but suspect the Bellagio might have come up with a much better deal rather than the Cosmo’s over-the-top “Just the right amount of wrong” TV ad.  (Then again, I’m still trying to figure out why all the wildlife seem to be roaming the halls – you don’t find a deer in the middle of the desert.)

While Vegas’ recession “no-go” status has faded, the city’s hospitality industry is scraping for every dollar it can get.

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