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Food for thought: Technology “Journalism” and news reporting

With the decline in print publications and print revenues, there are a lot fewer reporters out there and a lot less research and thought going into what you read.  Historical context and analysis is in shorter supply with an RSS/Twitter/Google Page Rank-driven immediate news gratification culture.

Over at TechEye (www.techeye.net), founder/chief gadfly Mike Magee has named some names in the decline of news reporting and journalism.  You can find one of his pieces at http://www.techeye.net/business/the-techeye-guide-to-crappy-offline-and-online-publishers and another with a torch to Google and its “churnalism” http://www.techeye.net/software/we-reveal-the-crappiest-news-sites-on-the-web here.

It should be easier now more than any other time for PR firms to reach the “right people” – I mean, there are fewer of them these days, between a smaller number of publications and fewer reporters – but if anything, some have gotten lazier and don’t do their homework. *sigh*

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