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XO over 1 Million served (Business VoIP users)

XO Communications (www.xo.com) says it serving over one million business VoIP end-user customers.  So much for voice and VoIP being dead.

The company’s XO IP Flex service was launched in April 2005.  Depending on how you want to slice the numbers, Frost & Sullivan says says XO is the VoIP access services market leader with 22.2 percent of the market, with 1 in 300 people in the US using VoIP services delivered by XO; I’m assuming this is for business, rather than consumer since Vonage said it has 2.4 million consumer lines in operation as of June 30, 2010.

Be interesting to see how XO does going forward.  The cable companies want more SMB and enterprise customers and they aren’t shy about it.  8×8 (www.8×8.com) is in hog heaven with continued profitability and a stock buyback plan, plus continues to pick up traction with larger businesses.

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  • Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the blog post.

    Your correct in your assumption, we only provide VoIP services to businesses.

    I’ll start following you on Twitter.


    Ronan Keane

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