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CounterPath officially announces Bria Android

At IT EXPO last week, CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) officially announced that it will roll out an Android version of it’s Bria softphone at the end of this month (October).

Bria Android will work both over 3G and WiFi networks, and joins versions for the Apple iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) family, and Mac, Linux, and Windows-based desktop versions.

Compatible with any smartphone running Android V2.1 or later (hmm, will have to bum a copy for my Sprint HTC Evo at some point), features include support on any SIP-compliant server, multi-tasking support, automatic codec selection, options for rejecting, holding, forwarding, merging and splitting calls just like on a desktop phone, NAT traversal, and optimal customized branding for graphics and SIP settings for enterprise and telephony providers.

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