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IT EXPO – Digium too “bureaucratic”

Several people at IT EXPO thought Digium has become a little bit too conservative and unresponsive of late when it comes to doing business.

The comments were unsolicited and came up as a part of the normal back-and-forth briefings held at IT EXPO (www.itexpo.com) earlier in the week and they all sounded a near-identical theme: When approached with a new idea of some sort or feature add to the core Asterisk software, Digium managers wanted a business plan, justifications, and a whole bunch of other stuff before moving forward.

One conversation went so far as to suggest IP phone maker snom – a long-time Digium partner – might not be rolling out its new IP PBX offering in the SMB space if Digium hadn’t become so “bureaucratic” over the past two years. 

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