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SPIRIT DSP unveils “mass market” HD quality web videoconferencing software

IT EXPO, Los Angeles – SPIRIT DSP (www.spiritdsp.com) has announced VideoMost.com, a spin-off company providing HD quality, “Massively multi=point) web videoconferencing product. 

VideoMost is powered by SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit (squelch the Nirvana flashback, please) video server software, providing scalability of up to 1,000 concurrent video channels on a single standard $4000 PC server, says the company.

Service providers buying the software can provide HD quality multi-party video conferencing, document sharing, IM, and collaboration.

Currently, VideoMost supports Windows and Mac OSX clients and will soon be available on Apple iOS4 and Android smartphones. The VideoMost server software runs both on Windows and Linux.

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