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Global Crossing adds new desktop and mobile collaboration apps

While I was running around at Metaswitch Forum last week, Global Crossing (www.globalcrossing.com) introduced Global Crossing Connect Solutions, a family of apps for collaboration built around a standard API. The pair of new apps expand how its customers can use Global Crossing Ready-Access collaboration services.

Global Crossing Connect Desktop enables users to join and manage Ready-Access audio calls through a simplified user interface. Participants and chairs of conferences can join and host meetings with single-click access, store and bookmark recurring audioconferences, make operator requests and access account settings. Chairs can view and moderate meetings, disconnect or mute lines, invite and manage participants and add security access codes without having to access multiple screens.

Available on Blackberry and Android, Global Crossing Connect Mobile integrates with phone calendars. Once installed, uses can host or join scheduled meetings with a single click.

Behind the two apps is the standard Global Crossing Connect API, so people can access Global Crossing’s service layer through using “common” web programming technologies.

It’s neat. I hope others do this with things like Windows Live…

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