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Metaswitch Forum 2011 – “Week of September 19th”

I have received a note from the Meta-people that Metaswitch Forum will be the week of September 19th, not the week of the 9th.  And a remind the contract with the Vegas hotel is still pending, not yet signed.

I have corrected. Maybe you guys can do a PowerPoint slide at the end of the presentation with a big font for those of us absentminded that confuse the 9th and the 19th at the end of a long week.

Come to think of it, there’s a whole list of demands, er, suggestions I need to compile for next year.

I also need to compile the “Top 5 reasons not to f*** with the Scots” list and submit it for presentation next year.  So far, I’ve got William Wallace and Sir Sean Connery (http://www.seanconnery.com/biography/). 

You know, Sir Sean would make a great keynote…

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