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Dialogic, Continuous Computing show off 2,000 port software-based solution

Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) and Continuous Computing (www.ccpu.com) have put together a 2,000 port carrier-class audio conferencing solution running on a single ATCA blade – no DSPs required!

The solution was put together with Continuous Computer’s FlexCompute ATCA-XE80 12-core compute blade jacked up to 20 percent faster than other ATCA blades with a  pair of Intel “Westmere” processors.  Dialogic’s PowerMedia IP Media server sat on top of the blade 

Since you can can pack a bunch of ATCA blades in a multi-U box, there’s the potential to scale up to 24,000 ports in a 13U ATCA chassis.

This has to give the dedicated DSP guys a bit of heartburn for their future prospects in the voice processing world.

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