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Metaswitch Networks announces yearly financials

Last week, Metaswitch Networks (www.metaswitch.com) released its unaudited (i.e. trust us) annual results for its 2009/2010 fiscal year through August 31.   Plenty of growth, EBITDA, and acquisitions.

Overall revenue grew 18 percent in U.S. dollars, from $113.7 million to $134.5 million, with pro-forma EBDITA margins “sustained” at 20 percent.

Metaswitch says it had strong growth within each carrier segment, with the fastest growing areas being Tier 1 incumbents, major carrier operators, and international markets.  Wins include more than 65 new carriers customers (In a down market, no less…), successful expansion into Latin America with customer wins including Telecom Argentina and Cooperative Mariano Moreno, cable wins/deployments including RCN and Knology, and “continued strength” in regional markets including deployments with TDS Telecom, SureWest Communications, and Cincinnati Bell.

Buying and integrating AppTrigger is also considered to be a biggie, since AppTrigger has a big global footprint, but not so much in the U.S.; there’s a lot of cross-pollination expected/happening from the merger when it comes to the Metaswitch/MetaSphere product lines expanding reach outside of the Americas to the world.

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