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Dialogic intros Enterprise SBC and Media Gateway Products

Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) has introduced Enterprise Session Border Control (SBC) and Media Gateway products this month.

The turnkey BorderNet 500 Gateways are designed to enable rapid development of SIP-based communications services and widespread delivery of SIP trunking and hosted SIP services with a single border element (i.e box) to work on nearly any enterprise network architecture and customer premise communications system (i.e. PBX).

BorderNet 500 Gateways are the first products available in the new Dialogic BorderNet family, combining enterprise SBC functionality with “any-to-any” media gateway functionality, so businesses can get with SIP even if still on a legacy TDM/PSTN infrastructure.

SBC features of the BorderNet 500 Gateways include secure firewall traversal of real-time SIP traffic through the enterprise network edge –- well, that’s what you’d expect with SBCs – as well as SIP interoperability tools and configuration templates for over 40 carriers.  Optional interfaces and protocols are available for T1/E1, PRI, CAS, ISDN BRI PSTN and PBX protocols and interfaces. BorderNet 500 Gateways also deliver SIP security at the network edge, greatly reducing the threat of denial of service attacks, SPAM and SPIT attacks, in addition to a number of other SIP security concerns. The enterprise-class BorderNet 500 Gateways are available in multiple 1U rack mountable chassis configurations.

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