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Metaswitch Forum 2011 – week of Sept 9, Vegas

OCTOBER 1 CORRECTION  – Metaswitch Forum 2011 will be held on the week of September 19th, not the 9th.  And yes, they’re still working out details with the hotel.

(Yes, this was the last bit announced at Metaswitch Forum, but I want to clean it out of my brain to get to the rest of the things I learned last week).

The next Metaswitch (www.metaswitch.com) Forum customer event will most likely be held on the week of September 9, 2011 in Las Vegas. It is “90 percent” certain the event will be at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, but Metaswitch VP Steve Gleave says a contract hasn’t been signed yet.

It is likely that future events will alternate between East Coast and West Coast as the company goes “grows global and mobile,” with Orlando and Las Vegas being potential homes.

Attendance for the last event was in the neighborhood of over 750 people and has continued to grow.  Once you start rounding up that many people in one location, the number of cities that can successfully accommodate all those people with convenient air traffic starts to go down drastically.

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