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Metaswitch Forum – Yes, I’m here

At long last, Metaswitch Forum has arrived, from today through Friday morning (Seriously guys, can we try to trim off a day somewhere for the press people? I love you all and want to spent quality time, but four days – with the travel thrown in – is a bit long).

Tonight is the press reception, followed by the general reception and tomorrow is a full day of session and meetings with partners.  Thursday is vendor exhibit day and some more meetings, while they kick off at 7 AM (!?) on Friday with tech discussions and a couple of panels.

There are two companies making HD voice-related announcements here, so you’ll see some posts on www.hdvoicenews.com later today/tonight.

If you want to virtually stalk me, I’m hammering Foursquare pretty hard these days.

Have to be honest – Metaswitch has been quite kind over the years despite my various shifts in job locations.  I hope the keep the good-spiritedness alive as they move forward becoming a Bigger Company.

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