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CounterPath upgrades Apple iOS NEC clients.

CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has upgraded its soft client for the Apple i-Family (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and added a softclient to the NEC world.

The Bria iPhone Edition Version 1.1 is compatible with Apple’s iOS 4 operating system and enables multitaking on the iPhone; it will also do so on the iPad when iOS 4 is released for that device.  Support exists for up to eight accounts and separate dial plans for each account. There’s also Bluetooth support and multi-call management options with the ability to switch between, merge, and split calls. 

Enterprises and telephony providers have the option to customize brand the client.

NEC Unified Solutions gets a version of CounterPath software called NEC’s Smart Mobile Client.  Release 2.2 supports Blackberry, Nokia and Apple iPhone interaction with NEC call servers, enabling calls to be seamlessly shifted off the cellular (billable) network onto an enterprise Wi-Fi network, along with enabling PBX routing for call savings.

Support for the Smart Mobile Client is currently available for the iS3000 and SIP@Net Communication servers, while release 3.0 (early 2011 release) will add support for NEC UNIVERGE SV8300 and SV8500 platforms.

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