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Verizon Business gets on the IPv6 switch-now-now bandwagon

When it comes to migration to IPv6, Verizon Business (www.verizonbusiness.com) is all about it.  Be happy, my friends at ARIN.

Fewer than 5.5 percent of IPv4 addresses remain, and ARIN has been increasing its push this year that, yes, really and truly, the world is running out of IPv4 addresses and there’s no way to fudge around it.

Last week, Verizon Business released its tips to help “smooth the transition” to IPv6 – but frankly, if you haven’t started planning a move to IPv6 before today, you are already behind the ball.

Verizon’s checklist items for IPv4 to IPv6 transition include:

  • Determine business impact.
  • Determine if your service provider has a plan.
  • Evaluate your business’ internal infrastructure.
  • Make an investment in IPv6.  
  • Develop an IPv6 migration plan for internal and external networking.

Needless to say, Verizon Business has been running IPv6 for over a decade – since 1998, to be precise.

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