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Alteva shuffles executives

Alteva (www.altevatel.com) has shuffled executives, moving its CEO to Chief Innovation Officer, and moving the COO to CEO.

In more detail, COO David Cuthbert has moved to become the CEO of Altevia.  Cuthbert joined Altevia in 2006 as COO and has “developed scalable processes” through automation and employee development. 

The new Alteva CEO also lists on his resume graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Special Operations Officer – i.e. explosive ordinance disposal.  In 2003, he was the officer leading the Navy’s nuclear weapons casualty response detachment; probably an interesting assignment in the wake of 9/11.

New CIO/former CEO Bill Bumbernick will “focus on the innovative direction of the company.” 

Be interesting to see if the exec shuffle comes with/is a part of Alteva getting outside investment.

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