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Fonality re-launches, sets sights higher in Hosted PBX world

After being off the PR radar for nearly a year, Fonality (www.fonality.com) has gone through an extreme makeover and started making noise again through a “relaunch” of the company that includes 1) A website redesign 2) Actually talking to media again and 3) Doing a big presence at IT EXPO West.  Oh yes, and expanding its focus to enterprise and cloud-based services.

Yes, “cloud” is now in, Fonality Fight Club is, well, out.

The new management has decided to file off the rough edges and polish everything shiny as it goes to reach upward into the enterprise space. The whole “hybrid hosting” concept Fonality touted in the beginning isn’t out, but being respun as “Go to the cloud and if something happens, you’ve still got the equipment on premise if something happens.” Kinda like the whole ShoreTel pitch.

A press release yesterday says that new customer sales have “more than doubled” compared to the prior year (Yah, but doubled from what? Seriously, I hate this vague “Be impressed” language and frankly, your VC are whoring out your numbers to their buds at happy hour anyways, so publish numbers already).

Fonality attributes the doubling in growth to new product enhancements, corporate expansions and increased customer signups.  The emphasis on cloud and enterprise means that Fonality can move up from a sweet spot of SMB and up to 100 users to going after large businesses with thousands and tens of thousands of seats.

Company execs I talked to yesterday emphasized the company’s ability to offer functionality above-and-beyond the stock PBX and its emphasis on cranking up ops outside of North America.

But still, no more Fonality Fight Club (yes, it is gone from the website, it appears).  *sigh* It just won’t be as entertaining with Chris Lyman at the helm.

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