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Ringio completes beta of “Rich Calling” service for PBXes

Ringio (www.ringio.com) has completed its public beta (It doeth beg the question as to what that means, but it’s nicer than how Google handles its beta process, regardless) and has added more than a dozen new features to its “Rich Calling” service.

“Rich Calling” integrates data from CRM and IVR tools for SMBs, giving customers “call center style” screen pops, visibility into coworker availability and “sophisticated” call routing.

New features include a “Bring Your Own PBX” function, allowing pre-existing PBXes to work with Ringio, enabling calls and CRM displays to be routed directly to those on PBX extensions as well as (of course) on direct-inward-dial numbers without having to change recorded greetings or prompts; Ringio can also do the whole “virtual extension” PBX trick, adding/creating a PBX out of home and mobile numbers.

Caller-centric router sounds cool, by being able to automatically great callers by name (OK, it’s a cheap caller ID trick, but long overdue) and automatically routing them to the person they spoke with last. Calls can be routed to a predefined list of employees or evenly distributed to all employees to handle particular heavy call volume.

Starting cost for Ringio is $99 a month for four (4) users, with additional users added at $25 per month.

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