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Dialogic goes software wild

Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) has unleashed a raft of software-based products this month along with a cloud-based developer network/service.

The software announcements – four total, two updates, two new products – are all grouped under the PowerMedia media processing family/brand.

PowerMedia IP Media Server (IPMS) and Host Media Processing (HMP) software should be familiar to Dialogic users.  IPMS includes the latest and greatest in videotranscoding, transrating, and transizing for H.263 and H.264 codecs and RTSP clients, as well as support for real-time ad insertion and other info using text overlays.  HMP features newly released H.264 and HD voice codecs for media processing tasks on general purpose (i.e. off-the-shelf Intel-based) servers.

PowerMedia Web Media Server (WMS) is a new server-based software product to enable “extensive” media processing capabilities to web apps using industry-standard web interfaces, so service providers and web programmers can drop in real-time multimedia communications capabilities to their apps.  Features include audio/video play/record, audio/video conferencing, and text overlay.

And to wrap it up, PowerMedia Media Server Connector (MSC) connects Java EE Applications Servers to the PowerMedia IMPS using JSR 309.  The MSC enables audio processing features such as audio play/record, simple conference mixing and basic prompts and digit collection.

Developers can tap into Dialogic’s newly announced and FREE inCloud9 network to work with PowerMedia IPMS and WMS.  The inCloud9 network provides applications developers with access to products, technical documentation and support for creating new voice and video-enabled value-added services – can you say Evo and iPhone 4 here? – without requiring local server hardware or a development environment.

There’s a bunch of third party products also available and Dialogic intends to add other Dialogic and third-party products to inCloud9 later this year. Cool, eh?

Developers can also get access to video training demos and sample code for a bunch of different applications ranging from Video Mail to Open VXML.

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