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Phone.com adds slew of mobile features

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Phone.com (www.phone.com) has cranked out a whole bunch of mobile features for its SMB service, including clients for the iPhone and Apple plus SMB send support on phone.com phone numbers.

Released in June, Phone.com added the Phone.com Mobile VoIP client for the iPhone and the Phone.com Mobile Office Client for Android.  The Mobile VoIP client enables iDevice users to use their Phone.com virtual account to place VoIP calls over either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. 

The Mobile Office Android client provides a user interface to enable Phone.com users to listen to/manage/read voicemail, view received faxes, review call history, block calls from unwanted or unidentified numbers, send and receive SMS messages, click-to-connect to a private conference bridge and (of course) use Phone.com to make low cost international calls.

Both apps show the user’s Phone.com number as the caller ID when calls are made and both apps can be downloaded free from their respective app store sites.

SMS send and receive is now included with all Phone.com local numbers and plans, so anyone can send an SMS text message directly to a local Phone.com number.  The new feature is free of charge and included in every Phone.com plan.

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